About Me and My Dad

A couple years ago for my dad’s birthday he came up from Philadelphia and visited me in New York City with one task in mind: to eat chocolate all day. (How great is my dad?!) My mom was out of town on business and my brother was in college at the time, so it was a perfect opportunity for us to hang out one-on-one without any interruptions. Prior to our day o’ chocolate I tasked myself with doing some research on local chocolatiers. I knew my dad loved dark chocolate so I focused on that. I’d been to Jacques Torres way over on the west side and had enjoyed the experience, particularly the Wicked hot chocolate, La Maison du Chocolate was around the corner from my apartment, and I’d found a few others. So we spent our day hoping all over the city from chocolatier to chocolatier.

It wasn’t until our 3rd stop that my dad realized I wasn’t eating much. To defer any concern that I was sick (or hungover), I decided to reveal a terrible, hateful truth: I don’t really like dark chocolate.

And that was all we’d been sampling.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ll eat dark chocolate and I can appreciate a good piece of granache as much as the next chocolate connoisseur, but I’m really more of a milk chocolate (even – dare I say it – white chocolate) kind of girl.  My dad (and mom) are dedicated, hard-core dark chocolate lovers. I blame whatever fad diet they were on at the time that said dark chocolate was not only acceptable but healthy! But regardless of what kind of chocolate each of us preferred, how can you NOT enjoy an entire day of eating chocolate? It’s impossible.

From here, our interest in chocolate took off. Although my affinity for relocation has hindered our ability to do full day excursions in the past year, San Francisco, New York City, and Philadelphia (and soon Austin) have exposed us to countless new brands, varieties, creations and flavors. After working in online media, a chocolate blog seemed like a natural outlet for our constant phone calls and emails about new brands we’d found, the darkest chocolate we could stand to swallow and most importantly, new hot chocolate recipes my dad had created.

We hope you enjoy the blog as much as we’ve enjoyed doing the research for it!


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